The Bay River subdivision is an economic initiative of the Fisher River Cree Nation. Chief and Council, and the friendly people of Fisher River Cree Nation are committed to making their development a success, and are available to answer any of your questions.

They encourage you to visit their community and to consider making your summer home in the pristine wilderness Bay River subdivision.

Where can I get a list of all the people and departments I might need to contact?

The Bay River Subdivision Service Directory has been developed to provide a full list of contacts for local services, government or municipal information, contractors, skilled trades people, businesses, suppliers, etc.

If I buy a lot do I own it, or does the land still belong to Fisher River Cree Nation?

The land on which the subdivision was created is owned by 4793146 Manitoba Ltd., which operates as Fisher River Cree Nation’s economic development corporation, and is incorporated under the Corporations Act of Manitoba. The subdivision is not on Fisher River Cree Nation Reserve lands. The lots are therefore being sold outright. Upon closing of the sale transaction, you or your lawyer will receive a Land Transfer for the lot which can then be registered in your name at the Land Titles Office.

Is the subdivision in a municipality?

Bay River is within the municipal boundaries of the community of Fisher Bay. However, the community is not incorporated so the municipal authority is the department of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). ISC is responsible for providing services such as road maintenance, snow clearing, etc. and taxation.

What do I need to do before I start building?

You must provide a site plan with your Building Permit Application to Manitoba ISC, showing approximate dimensions of the building(s) and location on the lot, including distances in relation to lot boundaries.

Is there a building time restriction?

No. There are no time restrictions for building your cottage.

Is there any minimum size for cottages?

A cottage must be a minimum of 600 sq. ft. of living space as per the terms of the Development Agreement.

Is hydro hookup to my cottage included?

The subdivision is pre-serviced by MB Hydro. You will have to pay for the connection to your cottage.

Are there any special building requirements?

There are rules for building setback from the sides and front of your lot, as well as for the elevation of floor joists or beams. Please see the setback distances and lot elevation/fill charts in the information package.

Are there local builders and other contractors available?

There is a large number of skilled trades people and contractors in the community to meet all of your lot clearing and construction needs, including concrete and stone work, gravel supply, and work requiring trucks or heavy equipment.

Are mobile homes or trailers allowed?

No mobile home or structure resembling a mobile home or trailer is allowed, although a camper or trailer may be used for a short term while building.

Can we move an old house or a ready-to-move (RTM) onto the lot?

There may be specific requirements related to relocation of previous lived-in homes or RTM’s. Contact ISC or the Building Inspector for further information.

How much will I have to pay for taxes?

The amount of taxes will depend on the value of your lot and cottage. Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs may be able to provide a reasonable estimate.

Can I install a septic field?

Under the terms of the subdivision approval, only holding tanks are allowed. This condition is stipulated in the Development Agreement that runs with the title.

Where can I get a septic pump-out and hauling service?

Fisher River Cree Nation can provide this service.

Can I clear the Crown Reserve area between my lot and the lake?

A maximum of 25 percent of the Crown Reserve can be cleared. You will need to get a Work Permit from the local Natural Resource Officer at the Conservation District Office prior to any clearing. There is no fee for a Work Permit.

Where can I get potable water?

You either have to drill your own well or bring potable water in. You may wish to buy your water from Fisher River Cree Nation. They have a new state of the art water treatment facility and can deliver water to your cottage.

Can I build a dock?

The lake is shallow in front of the subdivision and not suitable for docks. There is a boat launch and docking available at Fisher River Cree Nation. There are also facilities at Fisher Bay that may be available.

I will need to drive through Reserve lands to get to the subdivision. Is there a risk of roadblocks.

The highway to the subdivision, which is a few miles north of Fisher River Cree Nation, is Provincial Road #224. PR 224 is a provincial highway under the control of the Manitoba government and is therefore open to the public.